Hello Everyone!

I’ve created a Patreon page for FAUX.

What is Patreon you ask??

Patreon lets fans support their favourite creators by becoming patrons. (you can help out for as little as a dollar a month. for as long as you want.)

Of course I’ll continue updating for free as usual.This is only if you are able to help out.
(The more help I get means the more time working on FAUX, means more stuff more often!)

There’s also some BONUS stuff. (Follow the link below to find out more!!!)

So in case you are interested follow the link and check it out. Share with friends, family and random people. (Yell at the guy walking down your street from your window, your butcher, baker etc…)


Oh and thanks to everyone for your continued interest in FAUX, you help keep me motivated to pour my time into this project.

You help make it happen!

Your humble scribbler,




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